NIC Global saves money and increases productivity with Medius

NIC Global is a leading manufacturer of sheet metal components for trucking, medical products and utility cabinets. With limited AP staff and a manual, paper-based system, invoice approvals were slow and vendor payments were delayed. Learn how Medius’ time-saving automation workflows proved to be a gamechanger.

Medius AP Automation success story

Background on NIC Global and their set-up

Benefits of Medius AP Automation

  • Increased invoice processing from 650 to 800 invoices per week
  • Improved productivity without adding headcount
  • Enhanced visibility with reports showing outstanding invoices that should be prioritized

Who is NIC Global?

Seattle-based NIC Global is a parts manufacturer providing high quality, cost-effective sheet metal products to global brands in the trucking and medical industries.

What was the challenge?

Invoices were being routed by hand and email, often multiple times before an approval was received. Matching PO’s to receipts was difficult and vendor payments were being delayed.

How did we help?

Automation workflows improved overall speed and efficiency. An approval hierarchy routes invoices logically so staff can track and resolve issues. Postage and printing costs were reduced and early payment discounts achieved.

Medius transforms AP process, saving time and money for NIC Global

With four manufacturing plants, NIC Global is a leading manufacturer of sheet metal components used in a variety of industries. Before implementing Medius, the AP department was using a manual system to process hundreds of invoices. Documents were being routed by email for approval and complex invoices were being matched to receipts by hand. The process was time consuming and vendor payments were unnecessarily delayed.

As the company continued to grow, NIC recognized the need for improvement. Learn how this manufacturer has benefitted from automated workflows that not only save time and money but also improve vendor relationships.

Now positioned for future success

  • Staff has greater visibility with 24/7 access to invoices
  • Auto alerts prevent approvals from being lost or forgotten
  • Staff increased its capacity to process invoices – from 650 to 800 per week
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