Duni wipes out manual work with Medius AP Automation

The accounts payable function at Duni is managed by Duni EFF – a shared service center based in Poland. Since 2011, Duni EFF has been working with external customers supporting various financial operations processes. 

Duni EFF had already been using Medius AP Automation for many years supporting the AP processes of their external customers before selecting the tool for the mother company.

"Medius offers far more automation capabilities than our previous AP solution. We have been able to simplify our process and remove most manual steps, notably in relation to posting invoices in SAP. This is all automated now.” – Łukasz Gauza, AP Team Leader, Duni EFF  

Download the case study to learn more about AP Automation in a shared service center set-up.

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Our AP solution comes with a guarantee:
You don’t have to work tonight.

Managing AP should be about strategy, not stress. Medius goes beyond basic automation by using AI to do the work –
so AP teams can (heaven forbid) go home and rest easy. Spend a few minutes with one of our advisors to learn more.

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