Medius Accounts Payable Automation eliminates manual processes for Unident

Unident is a full service distributor of professional dental products throughout the Nordic region. Proud of its reputation for innovation, Unident was seeking to improve automation in the AP department. Discover the benefits Unident now enjoys with Medius APA.

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AP Automation success story

Background on Unident

  • Website: Unident
  • Industry: Professional dental care products
  • ERP: Jeeves
  • Location: Sweden
  • Solution: Accounts Payable Automation

Benefits of Medius AP Automation

  • Improves two-way matching of invoice to purchase order
  • Eliminates paper and manual processes
  • Increases visibility for easy tracking of invoices in the system

Who is Unident?

Founded in 1992 this family business employees over 200 people and is one of the fastest growing dental product supplier in the Nordic region.

What was the challenge?

To accomplish continued growth and expansion Unident needed to automate and digitize its accounts payable processes.

How did we help?

By automating the AP process, Unident can easily track and locate invoices, and efficiently match invoices to purchase orders.

Unident takes a bite out of manual processes with Medius Accounts Payable Automation

In 1992 Unident was founded by the sons of a dentist and dental hygienist. A family owned entrepreneurial business, Unident grew to become a leader in the industry with operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Learn how the company uses Medius to continue innovating and automating their business for future growth.

“I would recommend Medius to other companies. It’s a great tool for us.”

Sandra Nyqvist

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