Visolit automated in just 7 weeks  

Stockholm, 15 March 2021 


Visolit, is a fast-growing consulting organization in the Nordics with a broad portfolio of cloud-based services, consulting, security integrations and IT project management. They needed a best-in-class and user-friendly AP automation solution to manage large volumes of invoices with seamless integration with SAP.  

Catherine Duvaas, Accounting Manager at Visolit was pleased with the solutions Medius offered their AP function "Medius has the solutions we were looking for and they were also able to meet our delivery time frame thanks to a well-packaged implementation with a complete integration to SAP. The implementation team was clear on how the project was going to be delivered,"  

Duvass adds: “Previously, we handled supplier invoices directly in SAP. This involved time-consuming manual steps and it was difficult to obtain relevant reports. With Medius AP Automation, we now automate the entire process and instead have user-friendly reporting and an overview of the invoice flow and the degree of automation 

Adrian Juell, Delivery Manager at Medius, comments on how well the project has progressed: 

“The project with Visolit has been exceptionally fast-moving and we’ve delivered a very ambitious schedule. Raid implementation was because Visolit knew what they were looking for and Medius fit their requirements perfectly. We applied our implementation methodology, early in the project resulting in a quick turnaround says Adrian Juell, at Medius. 

It only took 10 weeks from the time Visolit initially enquired and a demo until they were live with the solution. These include seven-week implementation projects with integration to SAP, set-up, and training. 

Medius AP automation is now used in Visolit's eight companies to handle approximately 50,000 invoices a year that the Group handles. The next step is to increase efficiency and further automate to support a fast-growing company. 


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