TOGA reduces invoice processing costs by 30 percent with Medius AP Automation

STOCKHOLM, September 21, 2021 - TOGA, a leading property group with a portfolio across Australia, New Zealand and Europe, has implemented Medius AP Automation resulting in a 30% reduction in the cost of processing invoices.  

TOGA previously used a customized solution integrated with their JDEdwards ERP system and sought an efficient, scalable, cloud-based AP Automation solution that was easy to implement and user friendly. They turned to Medius, a leading provider of spend management solutions. 

“Medius highlighted the difference between an out-of-the-box and customized solution. The role configuration options in Medius, such as delegation of authority, were advantageous and simple,” says Michael Gowing, Head of FP&A at TOGA Group. 

Gowing further explained: “Medius changed our thinking in the finance team about the power of the cloud. There are numerous, functional benefits of being on the latest version and we’ll never go back to being on-premises again. Medius being cloud based was definitely a consideration in our decision-making process.”  

Henrik Rosén, Head of R&D at Medius said: “Witnessing the benefits that companies such as TOGA experience with our solutions is rewarding. TOGA processes 260,000 invoices annually and to see them reduce costs of processing said invoices by 30% is a huge win.” 

The local market knowledge and support from Medius was instrumental in allowing TOGA to deploy AP Automation into other regions.  

“Medius has a global presence and support system which allowed us to easily deploy into Europe after a successful implementation in Australia and New Zealand,” says Shane Martin, Chief Information Officer at TOGA Group. 

TOGA now has an easy-to-use, fully automated system with visibility of invoices for auditing compliance and accountability. Medius support helped to ensure local regulations were adhered to in each country. 

Gowing says: “The global presence of Medius gave us the ability to straddle major markets with ease and this was highly advantageous. When we were launching in Europe it was invaluable to talk to people who had experience in Germany because they understood the AP rules.”  

“In the last two years we’ve been impacted heavily by Covid-19, however our efficiency has improved over the years by implementing AP Automation and offshore invoice processing,” continues Gowing.  

The work to drive efficiency does not stop with AP Automation. Gowing concludes: “Medius has an impressive technology roadmap and we’re looking at using Medius in the future to turn our AP and Procurement function into a profit centre.” 

For more information, please contact: 

Erica England, Arketi Group, PR & Marketing (for Medius), 904.803.8808 

TOGA case study Image

TOGA case study

TOGA, a leading Australian property group, required a secure, cloud-based solution that could be deployed to all international markets. They found their solution in Medius AP Automation.