Biden Leads Among Manufacturers Despite Policy Split

According to the poll from software company Medius, 49% of executives trust Biden to steer the manufacturing sector in the right direction, narrowly edging out Trump at 46%. Similarly, a slim margin of 48% believe Biden is more supportive of manufacturers, contrasting with 47% who lean towards Trump on this criterion. 

The decisive factor favoring Biden appears to be his administration's $1.6 trillion energy and infrastructure programs. Respondents prefer these over Trump's emphasis on tax cuts and tariffs on imports. 

Executives also cited trustworthiness and predictability as pivotal attributes favoring Biden. A notable 50% of respondents believe Biden is more capable of delivering on promises, with 55% viewing him as the more predictable candidate. In comparison, Trump garnered support from 44% on delivering promises and 38% on predictability. 

However, the survey reveals a clear preference for Trump on specific policy challenges currently facing manufacturers. Trump is seen as better equipped to address critical issues such as high inflation (46% prefer Trump versus 38% for Biden), high-interest rates (46% versus 39%), supply chain disruptions (45% versus 41%), and global competition (45% versus 40%). 

Don Holm, Global Vice President Value Consulting at Medius, a leading global provider of cloud-based accounts payable automation and spend management solutions, said: 

“This poll underscores the nuanced perspectives within the manufacturing sector, with executives balancing overall favorability with specific policy preferences and perceived effectiveness. As the election approaches, these insights could play a crucial role in shaping the sector's priorities and expectations from the incoming administration. 

“Manufacturers thrive on efficiency but they are facing an onslaught of challenges that could significantly impact their operations and bottom lines. The uncertainty around trade policies, potential regulatory changes, and the future of tax reforms create a volatile environment for long-term planning. Additionally, the ongoing labor shortages and supply chain disruptions, exacerbated by geopolitical tensions, are pressing issues that require immediate and strategic attention.  

“Manual accounts payable (AP) processes create bottlenecks that stop manufacturers running their business efficiently. In this high-volume environment, Medius helps manufacturers grapple with mountains of invoices, supplier complexities, and delays in approvals. Our AP automation tackles these challenges head-on by streamlining workflows, reducing errors, and boosting visibility – all of which contribute to extending agility and productivity beyond the factory floor.” 

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