Medius and SourceDay Join Forces to Revolutionize Procure-to-Pay Operations

By combining SourceDay's best-in-class supplier engagement and purchase order (PO) lifecycle capabilities with Medius' advanced AI-driven invoice management solutions, this partnership delivers a first-of-its-kind alliance for optimizing end-to-end P2P performance.

Benefits of the combined Medius and SourceDay solution include:

  • Highest industry PO matching through 100% ERP data accuracy and advanced 3-way match rates yields fully autonomous, touchless invoice processing for both PO and non-PO invoices.
  • Up to 80% efficiency gains for buyers through streamlined supplier collaboration, enabling up to 96% on-time delivery and scale without adding headcount.
  • Up to 99.7% autonomous invoice processing of PO-backed invoices; up to 94.9% Autonomous Processing of non-PO invoices, eliminating manual intervention.
  • Anomaly detection capabilities enhance fraud prevention and fill gaps in existing processes, establishing a more secure and reliable financial operation.
  • Real-time notifications within workflow environments reduce platform-switching for buyers, enhancing operational efficiency.

At Medius, we're dedicated to empowering our customers with the best-in-class solutions, and our collaboration with SourceDay does exactly that,” said Jim Lucier, CEO of Medius. “One of the goals of any finance organization is having better supplier relationships that allow the business to get materials on time and then pay for them with minimal impact on the business. That’s what this partnership is all about.”

"Our partnership with Medius represents an unprecedented step forward in improved efficiency throughout the PO lifecycle to payment, helping customers achieve a higher level of operational and financial performance,” stated Tom Kieley, CEO of SourceDay. “The SourceDay and Medius collaboration not only optimizes procurement and payment processes, but significantly strengthens both supplier performance and reliability and reduces risk, setting the new standard for supply chain excellence and financial transparency in the industry.”

"SourceDay's collaboration with Medius creates a significant advancement in direct material procure-to-pay,” said Xavier Olivera, Senior Analyst, Spend Matters. “This strategic partnership is poised to enhance accuracy and speed in managing the purchase order lifecycle, ensuring accurate, up-to-date ERP data, better on-time delivery, and more precise invoicing and alignment with final purchase orders for fully autonomous invoice processing. Especially advantageous for organizations in industries dealing with direct material, this collaboration amplifies operational efficiency and accuracy."

The SourceDay and Medius partnership is now active, with solutions available to all current and prospective customers. For more information, please visit or

About Medius

Medius links invoice capture, processing, and payment to replace the worry and wondering of managing AP with calm and confidence. Medius goes far beyond basic automation by using artificial intelligence to do most of the work – so invoices get confirmed, coded and paid; AP teams get to go home and rest easy; and businesses can trust their budgets and forecasts. Medius, on a mission to transform the spend management category using the power of automation and AI, has more than 4,000 customers across 102 countries and processes $200 billion in annual spend through its system. Visit to learn more.

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About SourceDay

SourceDay is the supply chain collaboration platform that integrates with any ERP system to overcome the risks and costs inherent in manual PO lifecycle management processes. SourceDay helps manufacturers and distributors achieve supplier on-time delivery (OTD) rates as high as 96% by providing unmatched visibility and control over inbound supply. Visit to learn more.

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