Does this scenario sound familiar?

Emma devotes time at the end of each day of doing a final check of approved invoices in the Post Control step. This is a carryover from the early implementation when the company wanted to ensure all invoices had an extra set of eyes before sending to the ERP to pay. Sometimes it makes sense but under many circumstances, especially for expense invoices, it just seems to be an extra step in the process.

Setting up Document Validation Rules, often known as Post Control Rules, can remove this extra step based on a configured list of conditions, allowing the invoice to seamlessly move to the ERP.

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AP Life Hacks

Document validation rules

Prevent wasting time on unnecessary reviews

When most people first start with MediusFlow, they want to make sure all invoices get a final check before sending on to the ERP for payment. It’s perfectly understandable, but as time goes by and you learn to trust the system and see the results, an extra step just adds time to the process.

Document Validation Rules are a way to avoid that final check before posting to the ERP, removing yet another manual step and streamlining the process in AP Automation.

Benefits you can expect

During a Medius customer conference last year we asked some of you for real-life insights, and this is what we found...

  • 99% of invoices processed were manually being handled in Post Control
  • Assuming each Post Control process takes 10 seconds and no more than 50% of invoices require review
  • You could on average reduce processing time by 5 working days per year!
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How to set up Document Validation Rules

Users with the default Admin role can setup Document Validation Rules.  

A few things you should think about first:

  • Are there certain invoices that need additional review before post to ERP?
  • Who is responsible for making the final rule?
  • How do the rules differ by invoice type (Expense, Purchase Order, Contract)
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For users who have access to apply Document Validation Rules, check out the details here. Or watch a demo video on how to get started.


Measure your success

You can use the Manual Workforce Workflow Task Metrics gadget to track the change in Post Control over a period of time for a given invoice type. This allows you to track the impact of the changes based on the Document Validation Rules set up for Post Control. Full details on how to measure your performance can be found on the Success Portal.

Who wouldn’t want to remove an extra step in the AP process? Setting up Document Validation rules means that only invoices that require an additional review will be stopped based on your own defined conditions. This leads to big benefits including:

  • Increase transparency with a common set of standards for when invoices are reviewed in Post Control
  • Reduce manual work by removing a review step when invoices are approved to pay
  • Decrease the overall invoice processing time