IDC Report: Accounts Payable Moving from Automated to Autonomous

IDC explores the evolution of accounts payable automation, along with forward-thinking strategies and recommendations for AP leaders.

IDC Moving from Automated to Autonomous

Accounts payable (AP) staff play a crucial role in steering business change and are often entrusted with implementing cash flow policy adjustments. In many ways, AP is the central hub for regulating spending within the organization. Nevertheless, numerous individuals find themselves grappling with outdated processes and tools.

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Kevin Permenter from IDC delves into the factors compelling AP departments to embrace automation as a means to reduce risk and enhance efficiency, as well as how today's AP automation is transitioning towards becoming the AI-driven, autonomous AP of tomorrow.

"Where automation dictates that a certain set of actions happen when the trigger event occurs, autonomous, through AI/ML, dictates that the right set of actions happen when triggered, even when the underlying details shift."

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  • What is happening in the market now to drive change in accounts payable?
  • What is automation’s role in accounts payable process, and how is it evolving?
  • The AP manager's role and how it’s evolving.
  • What does autonomous AP mean, and how is it different from automation?
  • What does the future of AP look like with emerging AI technologies?
  • Challenges to consider, and much more.

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