Medius Pay Product Sheet

In this quick overview, we show you a new way of controlling your entire invoice through payment process and making supplier payments more efficient, transparent and cost-effective than ever before.

What is Medius Pay?

Medius Pay handles all of your supplier payments. It features a fully managed service that ensures efficient and cost-effective transactions for each supplier, using credit cards, ACH, or electronic printed checks.

New Frontiers in Accounts Payable: Automation, Digitization and ImpactOn top of that, Medius Pay forecasts credit card payment adoption and offers enhanced vendor enrollment through a dedicated team of specialists, to help you analyze your supplier base and with incentive vested share.

Plus, Medius Pay is fully integrated into our AP Automation solution, with layered analytics giving you visibility at any stage of the invoice lifecycle, as well as Fraud and Risk Detection, helping you spot and stop fraud in its tracks.

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How does Medius Pay work?

How Medius Pay works

Why Medius Pay?

Improve cashflow visibility

Find your data at your fingertips, from anywhere with approval and payment information in real-time, accessible from any location.

Easy integration

No need to impact your ERP standards. Medius solutions integrate seamlessly with most leading ERP accounting systems and offer APIs for those less common systems.

Improve vendor relationships

Pay vendors quickly — in the format they prefer — while our highly regarded customer support team handles onboarding & integration.

"Normally I’d have to be there in person to sign checks, with someone else doing the folding and stamping. There are just so many problems with our chain of operations so not having to be on-site has been a very big help."

Steve Morrison
Controller, Connor Sport Court

Want a sneak preview of Medius Pay in action?

While it might seem like magic, it’s all thanks to AI and a team of payment specialists who know what finance folks are craving when managing their vendor payments. And you don’t have to take our word for it. Watch our short product tour to see Medius Pay in action. Then, when you’re ready, take it a step further with a personal demo with one of our invoice through payment experts.

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