1 - Speed to value and rapid implementation


Medius has some of the best implementation times in the industry. Once deployed, you’ll see an immediate ROI. You’ll see your staff happier and more productive. You’ll notice game-changing process efficiencies, and you’ll literally, see the difference in your monthly reporting.

This is all possible because: 

  • Medius can integrate your ERP and supporting systems rapidly
  • Tried and tested implementation methodology, based on 20 years’ experience
  • Huge resources in our success portal to guarantee rapid adoption
  • Automated workflows that promote best practice immediately



Quote Icon The fact that Medius AP Automation is a cloud solution and that we were able to implement so quickly enabled us to get a very strong ROI with break-even in less than a year, which is very hard to say with most software implementations.

Maulik Patel Photo

Maulik Patel

Sr. Manager, Marc Jacobs

2 - We’re big innovators (especially when it comes to AI)


Tomorrow’s technology is always top of mind at Medius. We’ve got a dedicated research and development team, whose sole responsibility is to evaluate, test and develop experimental technologies, that you’ll be using sooner rather than later.

Over the past five years, a massive focus for us has been around artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The result is truly innovative technology in our spend management solutions; designed to help you do your job that little bit easier. 


For instance, Medius AP Automation features predictive coding, an AI-driven process that learns and accurately predicts outcomes based on your behaviour. Our technology gets smarter as it works with you more.

It’s this dedication to the latest technology and our pioneering research and development process that helps Medius stay ahead of the curve and deliver innovative spend management solutions.

3 - Cloud-based integration with ERP and third-party software


Medius Connect is our cloud-based solution that brings our technology stack together with yours. It’s totally secure, and links any ERP, or third-party system, with any Medius solution. It works by using a library of pre-configured integrations we can deploy quickly.

All your data will be centralised and unlike other best-of-breed spend management providers, you can always have confidence that you’re paying for market-leading technology that actually does what it says it will do.


4 - You’ll love our customer success team


It isn’t enough for our customer service to be adequate. Instead, every single interaction must exceed your requirements. We’ll demand the very best of ourselves to ensure you get the very best service, always.

How do we manage this? Well, it’s down to our superb customer success team. If we had to pick out one thing that we know you’ll love about our approach to customer success, it’s always going to be our people. Whether you’re raising a support ticket, dealing with our account managers or our implementation team, we’re proud of how our people tackle your problems.


5 - You shape our product development process


A cornerstone of our success at Medius is how we develop our products. We build our solutions with your help to ensure they always meet your needs. Our customer success teams collect your feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, and brief it directly to our product development team.

Data also plays a massive part in our product development process. We use aggregated ‘big data’ from clients that use our solutions to understand user behaviour. This includes things they want, need or may get frustrated with. Armed with those crucial details, our product managers deliver an agile development process, with a roadmap that’s directly influenced by you and your needs.

6 - You’ll be working with some of the leading minds in spend management


We’re really proud of our people here at Medius. We’re building a culture in our organisation that focuses on delivering spend management solutions that make spend simply managed. We’ve managed that by carefully selecting staff who meet the goals of our organisation.

For instance, our workforce is comprised of people who worked in procurement and finance previously, who feel passionate about our vision for bringing together those two functions. Other members of our team include solution architects, who have extensive experience designing digital user experiences.

All this, and much more, is why we’re recognised by some of the leading technology analysts in their annual reports.


Don’t take our word for it though, let our customers do the talking: