Source to contract software has soared in popularity in recent years and is employed by midsize to enterprise-sized organizations as it reduces costs, strengthens supplier relationships, and streamlines procurement activities.

At Medius, we offer all the parts that comprise source to contract software. You can choose them individually or via our complete source to pay solution – the choice is yours.


What is Source to Contract?

Source to Contract refers to the procurement processes companies use when sourcing products or services. It begins with analyzing the product or service and developing a suitable sourcing strategy before advancing to contract negotiations.

S2C is part of the broader source to pay process, which includes Purchase to Pay (P2P). Combined, they cover the entire procurement journey. You can read more about P2P here.

Medius Source to Contract features

Medius is a leading provider of S2C software. You can choose our complete package or individual options, allowing you to pick what works best for you.

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Medius Sourcing

With Medius Sourcing, you’ll be able to streamline your supplier selection and vetting process to choose only the best supplier for your organization. Using our strategic  sourcing suite , you could also benefit from significant cost savings by running competitive tender  processes and accelerating your overall sourcing process.

Medius Sourcing Image
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Medius Contract Management

Manage supplier contracts in a single, cloud-based, simple-to-use system designed to empower you with maximum visibility and control. Medius Contract Management removes the need for paper-based contracts and other documents courtesy of seamless integration with third-party technology such as DocuSign.

Benefits of source to contract software

Intuitive S2C management

With Medius, it’s easy to manage your entire source to contract process. Our technology is designed from the ground up, utilizing the latest principles in UX and UI to ensure it’s easy for you and your people to use straightaway.

Scalable and secure

Our Source to Contract technology is fully scalable and designed to flex with your business needs. If you need a larger-scale solution, we’ll be able to support that quickly. In addition, Medius has 12  releases for its products every year, ensuring we utilize your feedback to keep our products at the edge of innovation.

With many enterprise solutions now based in the cloud, it’s imperative they’re secure. At Medius, we’ve invested heavily in technologies to ensure your data is safe and secure. We’re compliant with ISO/IEC2 7001 along with a raft of other accreditations.

Accessible anywhere, anytime

Medius’ cloud-based technology ensures round-the-clock access to your sourcing and contract management tools, empowering your workforce to work remotely.

Our software supports several languages, too, so staff can work with whatever language suits them best.

Integrate source to contract software with your back-office ERP or other value add third party software




Rapidly combine your back-office and third-party systems using Medius Connect, which allows you to:


  • Implement any Medius solution, including Medius Procurement as part of Medius Spend Management
  • Manage a stable integration with your ERP, using pre-built connectors.



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