How eSourcing can boost communication with suppliers

  • 16 Jan 2017
  • Procurement
How eSourcing can boost communication with suppliers Image

Communication is the key when it comes to effectively managing suppliers, but how can Sourcing facilitate this and enhance supplier relationships as a result?

In this second blog for Supply Management, our Senior Sourcing Consultant Alun Morris analyses how eSourcing can benefit suppliers just as much as the organisation doing the purchasing.

We know that maintaining a healthy level of communication with a large number of suppliers across an expanded network can often be a challenge, so it is essential that this process is made as simple as possible.

This blog explores how eSourcing software assists this process by centralizing information, making it substantially easier to keep supplier communications relevant and up to date.

As customer demand for increased responsiveness and pressure on price and margins continue to increase, so does the complexity of managing supplier relationships.

Click here to read this exclusive blog in Supply Management to find out more.

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