How to keep a tight rein on complex supply chains

  • 10 Jun 2015
  • Supply Chain Management
How to keep a tight rein on complex supply chains Image

To assist in minimizing risk when controlling global supply chains, Medius’s Alun Morris reveals how eSourcing can help procurement teams do just that in this first blog in a series for Supply Management.

In this blog Alun discusses the constantly changing global marketplace and the impact this can have when evaluating risk in the supply chain. He also analyses how purchasing teams can monitor complex supply chains using eSourcing software.

"Vetting new and existing suppliers and ensuring they meet strict assessment guidelines is a necessary but time-consuming process. Automating this process using e-sourcing can speed it up and improve supply chain visibility."

Alun Morris, Senior eSourcing Consultant, Medius

Read the exclusive blog in Supply Management to find out more.

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