Follow up on my subordinates

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Chad is a director for a large movie production company. He wears many hats and does not have time to approve every single invoice sent his way, so has passed this task on to his assistants. Sometimes he does need to look at invoices when vendors contact him directly. Chad has asked someone in Finance to send him those invoices for review.

Current state before the hack:

Some organizations want to grant users the right to see invoices approved by their direct subordinates, without granting them access to seeing ALL invoices. This was not possible until Medius introduced the "followup on my subordinates" toggle.

See the solution


It is now possible in Medius APA to allow a user to view the invoices approved by their direct subordinates, even though it has not been in their own inbox for approval.


  • Saves time
  • Allows user access to specific invoices in Medius application vs. having to send via email

Set up

  • Review the directions in our Success Portal.
  • Time estimate: Less than 5 minutes.