Linking a sourcing event to a contract

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Chad is a contract manager at a flower warehouse working on a competitive bid for roses. Unfortunately, he hasn't been provided with the appropriate sourcing-related information from the sourcing manager, after the bid is awarded. Now he is facing unwanted delays in finalizing the contract due to a lack of insight and cross-functional involvement that should have happened earlier in the process.

Current state before the hack:

Users have to download documents from sourcing and manually upload them to the documentation tab when creating a contract. No option to link event and supplier data between Sourcing to Contract Management.

See the solution


In the majority of cases, a contract is the ultimate result of a sourcing activity. Medius provides a seamless user experience when managing contract documentation following the sourcing stage. Sourcing users with access to Medius Contract Management can create a contract directly from a sourcing event bringing across all the necessary information to Contract Management.   


  • Seamless transfer of data and attachments from Sourcing to Contract Management
  • The transfer from Sourcing to Contract Management can be used infinitely for sourcing events with multiple awards and contracts
  • Ability to link Project Header, Supplier, and Event data to a contract
  • Inspire cross-functional collaboration
  • Encourage sourcing teams to engage with contract management and legal teams earlier in the sourcing process, bringing contracting best practices and legal language into the buying process
  • Drive a major shift in the sourcing process, where contract managers are not only advising but become part of the buying process

Set up

  • A Sourcing user needs to have access to Contract Management to be able to use this feature.
  • This feature is automatically enabled in the responses tab after a sourcing event is closed
  • Time estimate: Automatically enabled for Medius Source to Contract users. If you get stuck, reach out to your account manager for supporting documentation.

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