Supplier search and 360 view

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Oliver, an intelligence officer, is conducting a time-sensitive supplier status review. He needs to know how many suppliers have registered in the system over the past year versus suppliers who have completed their qualification questionnaires and been cleared for sourcing activities. Accessing this information requires a three-step process of manual checks, but time is running out! 

Current state before the hack:

Medius holds a lot of information about suppliers in different modules which is determined by supplier activity. Users must navigate to the relevant module to view the supplier information.

See the solution


Supplier Search and Supplier 360 allow users to perform a comprehensive search combining key criteria and filters from Sourcing, Contract Management, and the Admin Center on a single screen. Clicking on a particular supplier from the search results allows you to deep dive into the supplier 360 page, which consolidates key information on the chosen supplier.


  • Fast and easy visualization of data
  • Ability to filter and export
  • Seamless merging of data from different modules
  • Ability to dive into granular supplier details

Set up

  • Available by default. No set up required.

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