Tagging feature

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Victor works as a sourcing manager for a baked goods manufacturer. Due to a recent flour recall, he is looking for information on previous suppliers he has worked with that aren't affected by the recall. However, he is having trouble discerning through his previous notes as to why they discontinued working with these previous suppliers.

Current state before the hack:

  • Less insight into data groupings within sourcing
  • No option to attribute specific questions to suppliers with similar characteristics
  • Difficultly locating information with related attributes

See the solution


Tags are keywords that describe and help classify information in Medius Sourcing. Admin users can create and manage tags in the Admin Center, whereas Buyer users can view and assign tags to suppliers, other users, projects, and questions within Questionnaires.


  • An easier and faster way to find related information
  • Flexible, multi-level data classification
  • Buyer users can filter and find the information they need
  • Buyer users can display information to suppliers that is relevant to them

Set up

  • Tag management and assignments are available to all Admin users. The ability to link tags to projects and questions is available to all Buyer users by default.
  • Tags must be clearly defined
  • Thought must be given to the naming conventions and length of descriptions at each level
  • Time estimate: Depending on the number of tags, creation and assignment can take from several minutes to a few hours. If you get stuck, reach out to your account manager for supporting documentation.