Does this scenario sound familiar?

Julie came back into the office after a two-week break, sporting a new tan and a relaxed smile only to listen to a stream of angry messages from a valued supplier about a missed payment. When she looked at the invoice in question that had been on hold, she realized there wasn’t an issue, it just sat waiting to be approved while she was out. While there were alternate approvers assigned to the invoice, they were all out too. If only she’d set up temporary delegation and assigned the task to someone who wasn’t lucky enough to take the long break. 

AP Life Hacks

Temporary delegation

Before you head out for the holidays, make sure you have a plan to keep everything moving. Temporary delegation allows you to quickly delegate tasks associated with all invoice types, purchase requisitions and purchase orders to someone else in your absence.

Benefits you can expect 

  • Avoid unnecessary delays while you are away, especially at year-end when everyone is trying to wrap up the year
  • Deal with exceptions in a timely manner
  • Avoid fees and supplier frustration with late payments

How to set up temporary delegation

You’re in luck, there’s no need for an admin and this can be done in less than a minute! Just go to the top right corner to access your personal settings. Click here to watch a video tutorial.

A few things you should think about 

  • You can only delegate tasks to users active in the given company and to users active in its parent company
  • If you are assigned to a role with the NoTemporaryDelegationAllowed access key, you will not be able to add or edit temporary delegations in your user settings or on the user administration page

So why not investigate setting up Temporary Delegation? It’s just one of many options in Medius AP Automation that allows you to: 

  • Continue the process without disruption - Approval process continues without blockers during the entire vacation period which in turn leads to… 
  • Reduced invoice throughput time as fewer invoices get delayed in approval. 
  • Pay suppliers in time even during busy holiday seasons, and capture potential early payment discounts.

Our AP solution comes with a guarantee:
You don’t have to work tonight.

Managing AP should be about strategy, not stress. Medius goes beyond basic automation by using AI to do the work –
so AP teams can wrap up on time and rest easy. Spend a few minutes with us to learn more.

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