Does this scenario sound familiar? 

Hanna thought she could only manage her invoices sitting at her desk. Even though she normally “turned off” on vacation, she was interested in approving invoices for key suppliers while she was gone (she hadn’t learned about temporary delegation yet!). Each time she saw an invoice notification, she was still opening up her laptop to review the invoice in detail before taking any action. Once she learned she could do this on any device at any time, she put her laptop away for good while she was on break!

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AP Life Hacks

Mobile approval

Medius mobile solution enables approvers to quickly and easily handle their invoice management tasks anywhere, at any time. You’ll gain fast invoice approval lead times, greater internal collaboration and improved supplier relationships – even during holiday seasons and busy year-end periods. You can access, review, authorize and comment on all types of invoices as well as purchase requisitions via your mobile device.

Benefits you can expect 

  • Review and approve (or reject) invoices from anywhere at any time
  • Deal with exceptions in a timely manner, even when out of the office (if you are checking email on your break!)
  • Avoid fees and supplier frustration with late payments
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How to access mobile approvals

There’s no setup required, you can simply access the mobile solution by clicking on the link within an email notification from your mobile device. You can even type in your Medius web address in your mobile browser. 

Something you should know

There may be limitations with your SSO, check with your IT administrator 

There are a few things that still work better on desktop, for details on which document types are supported on mobile, please visit this page on our success portal.

How to access mobile approvals Image

So why not encourage mobile approvals in your organization? It’s just one of many options in Medius AP Automation that allows you to: 

  • Continue the approval process without disruption while approvers are on business trips or on vacation which in turn leads to...
  • Reduced invoice lead times (throughput time) as fewer invoices get delayed in approval
  • Pay suppliers in time, every time, and even capture potential early payment discounts