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Full cloud solution

Created for the cloud, delivered as a cloud integration service with automated update releases.

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Deploy fast

Remote set-up by expert team plus an intuitive UI mean you’re up and running and reaping Medius benefits fast.

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Powerful automation capabilities

Robust integrations deliver instant best-practice workflows for every stage of the source-to-pay cycle.

Minimize impact on your JDE platform

Thanks to the cloud, Medius solutions and Medius Connect leave only a negligible footprint in ERP systems. Standard JDE code isn’t affected; Medius upgrade releases come along automatically without ERP dependency; JDE upgrades can go ahead just as before.

Run integration tasks via an intuitive browser interface

Medius Connect comes with a graphical browser interface that makes standard integration tasks quick and easy. When you need to pause integration flows to work on your JDE system simply toggle on and off. For tasks such as onboarding new companies, transferring master data and starting postings flowing, there’s a step-by-step wizard. And dashboard widgets highlight any connectivity issues in real time.

Release more value from your JDE EnterpriseOne investment

With Medius Connect sharing data seamlessly between JDE and Medius tools you create new connections, workflows and possibilities across your organization. Whichever of our spend management tools you choose, you’ll increase productivity, tighten controls, and discover greater insights.

Run in a multi-platform environment

Medius solutions work perfectly in environments running multiple systems - ERPs, finance systems and more. Medius Connect integrates across your organization, making sure data is always where you need it, when you need it. Browser tools give instant access to each integration interface so you can manage each one independently.

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Secure, practical and proven

We’ve been developing and improving our tools based on customer feedback since 2001. Today, over 3,500 customers depend on Medius products for smart, secure spend management - including high street banks and aerospace and defence businesses with the most demanding security requirements.

Secure, practical and proven Image