State of ePayables: Paving the way to a smarter (and stress-free) AP 

Fresh off the release of the 18th installment of Ardent Partners’ 2023: State of ePayables report, we’ve dug into the trends and overall picture of what’s happening in accounts payable right now. From the benchmarks separating the best-in-class leaders from the rest of the crowd, to the rising threat of fraud and how AI is changing the way you prevent it. 


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Download the report today to get a bird’s eye view of the current conditions in AP and actionable recommendations that you can use to pave the way for a smarter AP. You’ll get even more that we didn’t get to cover during the webinar; details like the trends around accounts payable innovations, challenges and measures the benchmarks that set the stage for what separates the best-in-class AP departments from the rest of the pack. 

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AP folks don’t like surprises. That’s why you’ll like us. 

If you’re comparing automated AP solutions, you know it’s a crowded field. But with the ePayables Technology Advisor from Ardent Partners, your decisions are now considerably easier.  

Ardent Partners named Medius as a Market Leader, based on both high customer input and strong analyst scores. 

You have a lot of choices when it comes to AP solutions, but if you want to get beyond basic automation with a company that is rated equally high from both customers and analysts, Ardent Partners’ ranking helps make the choice clearer.  

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