Medius has just the right parts to improve AP Automation for Bufab

Bufab is a global supply chain partner providing C-parts for the aerospace, agriculture, and automotive industries. A large volume of complex invoices and purchase orders made matching difficult and time consuming. Find out how Bufab went from manual to fully automated and the positive results that followed.

Bufab case study cover

AP Automation success story

Background on Bufab and their set-up

  • Website: Bufab
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • ERP: Jeeves
  • Location: Sweden
  • Solution: Accounts Payable Automation
Benefits of Medius Accounts Payable Automation
  • Cloud based solution
  • Scalable and agile
  • Integrated easily with Bufab’s ERP, Jeeves

Who is Bufab?

Founded in 1977, Bufab provides nuts, bolts, screws, and fasteners to industries from furniture to pharma. The company also manufactures a range of customer-unique electrical components, magnets, hardware, and rubber parts.

What was the challenge?

Bufab generates a high volume of complex purchase orders. While the value per-item is relatively low, discrepancies can add up. Two-way matching was essential but the manual process needed to be automated.

How did we help?

By eliminating manual processes, Bufab now has efficient line-level matching and a reliable solution with seamless updates. With improved visibility Bufab can now identify and address discrepancies before processing.

“We’ve had numerous implementations and the team has been great. We couldn’t be happier with them.”

Mikael Lingeskog
 Financial Manager

Positioned for Success

  • Improved visibility helps detect deviations sooner
  • Automatic monthly updates provide up-to-date technology
  • Improved inter-departmental collaboration offers greater efficiency

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