Medius AP Automation is the natural solution for Granngården

Dedicated to nature, animals and conservation, Granngården provides products for pets, horses, small farm animals and gardening. From invoice receipt through payment, the manual AP process had become far too time consuming. Continue reading and learn how Medius AP automation improved productivity for Granngården.

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AP Automation success story

Background on Granngården and their set-up

  • Website:
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • ERP: MS Dynamics
  • Location: Sweden
  • Solution: Accounts Payable Automation

Benefits of Medius AP Automation

  • Late fees have been eliminated, no need for temps or consultants
  • Now processing 120,000 invoices without adding headcount
  • Reduced invoice processing time from 36 days to less than 14

Who is Granngården?

With over 100 stores throughout Sweden and a robust e-commerce business, Granngården provides products, advice, and inspiration for those who are passionate about the outdoor life.

What was the challenge?

With a lengthy manual process, payments were taking too long and staff was being burdened with numerous, unnecessary phone calls. The result was penalties, backlogs, and late fees.

How did we help?

With Medius’ native Capture tool, data is accurately extracted and sent straight through for automated two-way and three way matching. Staff saves valuable time and invoices are paid quickly.

“We no longer have a dedicated staff member matching invoices to POs and receipts; now it’s completely automated.”

Michael Weare
Team Leader

Positioned for Success

  • Seamless workflow creates hierarchies for rapid approvals
  • Better visibility identifies reasons for delays
  • Clearly defined processes function seamlessly

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