Fluidra dives into AP Automation with Medius

Fluidra is the global leader in the pool and wellness industry. Founded in 1969, Fluidra has long-standing experience in developing innovative products and services in the global residential and commercial pool market. Fluidra has a clear mission: to create the perfect pool and wellness experience responsibly.

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AP Automation success story

Background on Fluidra and their set-up

Benefits of Medius AP Automation

  • Automated 3-way match goes straight through to ERP, saving time and money
  • Fully managed packaged integration between Infor M3 and Medius
  • Standard process improves auditing and reporting

Who is Fluidra?

Fluidra manufactures, markets, and distributes a wide range of pool products for professionals and residential customers throughout 45 countries.

What was the challenge?

With a manual system, staff was printing invoices, waiting for receipts, and manually matching. A lack of standard processes made auditing and reporting difficult.

How did we help?

Streamlined AP offers greater efficiency, saving time and money. Invoices go straight into the system for automatic 3-way matching. Integration was seamless and Fluidra has become almost paperless.

“Team members can log in anywhere, even on their phones, to process approvals. There are so many benefits to go onto a fully automated system, it is user friendly, and a huge improvement to the system we had prior. Cost was also a consideration and factored into the decision-making process. Feedback from the business has been very positive.”

Katrina Ena
Accounts Payable Manager

Medius helps Fluidra’s AP department flow smoothly.

Before Medius, Fluidra’s accounts payable department was completely manual. Invoices were printed, and then the team waited for receipts and delivery documents to complete 3-way manual matching by hand. Plus, due to a merger, the team was taking on an even larger workload.

Discover how Medius implemented AP Automation seamlessly, increased visibility, and created an 80% touchless invoice processing rate.

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