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Jun 20

AP Automation & AI: Show me the returns

June 20, 2024 at 2:30 p.m. GMT

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Everyone’s talking about AI, but how do you get beyond the hype to real world business outcomes for AP teams?

The rise of AI in consumer applications like ChatGPT and Jasper hints at its potential in the enterprise world. But is AI in Accounts Payable just hype, or can it deliver real value?

This webinar dives deep into the measurable impact of AI within invoice automation solutions. Learn how AI is streamlining workflows, reducing errors, and boosting efficiency for AP teams. We'll explore how Large Language Models (LLMs) are getting smarter with every invoice processed, leading to even greater automation and cost savings.

Join Medius and the AP Association as we explore:

  • Current & Future Applications: Discover how AI is being used in AP today, and what the future holds for even more sophisticated automation.
  • Quantifiable Benefits: See real-world examples of how companies are achieving significant ROI through AI-powered AP automation.
  • Taking the Lead: Learn strategies for implementing AI in your AP department and becoming a leader in innovation.

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AP Automation & AI


Dan Ball

EVP of Product, Medius

Dan Ball is the EVP of Product at Medius responsible for the delivery of the product strategy and previously held the position of SVP of Innovation. Prior to that, Daniel was Co-Founder & CMO of Wax Digital, a global provider of Source to Pay solutions serving 150 enterprise customers.

Founded in 2001 and acquired by Medius in November 2019, at Wax Digital, Daniel was responsible for growing all aspects of the business, ranging from sales, marketing, and product. His experience brings a broad perspective to the product function, grounded in outward facing strategic principles and practices. Dan has extensive and unique experience in the Accounts Payable software industry.

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