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AP’s Autonomous Vehicle: How Technology is Driving Accounts Payable Operations So You Don’t Have to


This webinar was previously run live during the IOFM AP Automation Summit virtual event.

In the age of self-driving cars and automation, AP is also experiencing a transformation toward the autonomous with the help of machine learning and big data. When modern technology works the way it should for AP, processes can happen without user intervention - simply and seamlessly - so that you can focus on the bigger picture and strategic initiatives.

What you'll learn
  • How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are shaping AP automation’s future direction, making life for the AP staff simpler and more efficient
  • The transformation of benchmarks, driven by big data and analytics, creating a predictive model that Finance can use to control their spend and business
  • What AP can expect as technology continues to advance, including the evolution of cloud-based solutions and invoice capture
  • The duality of advanced automation – how the hard work to create groundbreaking new features makes work simple for end users

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