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Demystifying eAuctions: Building a killer strategy


A well-designed and well-managed auction used under the right circumstances is one of the most powerful tools at procurements disposal. In fact, eAuctions achieve 14% savings across all categories when used effectively and improve process efficiencies. So, why aren't people capitalising on them?

Medius leads the way in finding new ways to automate sourcing processes to create huge savings for our clients and more importantly, make your life easier. In this first session, we will discuss the ins and outs of building a valuable sourcing strategy, showing you common mistakes to avoid that we've seen during our decades of work with procurement teams.

In just 30 minutes, we will debunk common eAuction myths and show you:

What you'll learn
  • Why eAuctions have a bad reputation and why you need to rethink
  • Strategy formation, where to start and what to avoid
  • The steps of building the right foundations for success

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Jurgita Andrijauskaite

Director Customer Success EMEA

Martin Casserdahl

S2P Sales Executive - Medius

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