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Microsoft’s Preferred AP Automation Solution for Dynamics ERPs


Join us for an overview of AP automation that's successfully being used by hundreds of organizations running Microsoft Dynamics ERPs.

During this webinar, we're going to cover the reasons why AP automation is crucial for maintaining business continuity and why Medius AP automation earned the recognition of Microsoft's Preferred AP Automation solution.

What you'll learn
  • How to reach up to 95% touchless rate resulting in scalability and operational efficiency, complete real-time visibility & control and no more paper
  • How Medius AP automation offers a powerful and seamless connection to your ERP without taxing or interfering with the Dynamics standard
  • What real Medius customers running Dynamics ERPs have to say about the benefits of using a cloud-based, best-of-breed AP automation solution
  • The evergreen lifecycle of AP automation that maintains functionality during any Dynamics ERP upgrade(s) or ERP migration

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