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Why is everyone talking about fraud?


Everywhere you turn you find another story or article about fraud. What is it about fraud that makes this such a hot topic?

In this webinar, we dive into the topic and explore “Why is everyone talking aboutfraud?”. After this 20-minute webinar, you will have the facts and key insights on the topic. 

  • What is fraud? 
  • Who is the ideal target? 
  • Where is the threat coming from? 
  • Why is the situation today different? 
  • How do the fraudsters succeed? 

Speaking at the webinar is Katarina Andersson, VP of Capture at Medius, a sought-after spokesperson at events, tradeshows and seminars. 

Take the conversation to the next level, sign up for this webinar and learn more about fraud. 

This webinar will not discuss how Medius’ solutions help businesses stop fraud. If you want to hear more about this, please contact us directly.  Contact us 

Meet the Speakers

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Katarina Andersson

VP of Capture, Medius


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