The Financial Professional Census Report unveils core challenges

Rising fraud, retaining talent, late supplier payments and strained relationships with procurement.

In every organization, regardless of size, finance teams play vital roles — empowering businesses to enhance control, mitigate risk, boost efficiency and cut costs swiftly. This significant responsibility comes with inherent risks and challenges, particularly pronounced during uncertain economic climates.

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Medius collaborated with Censuswide to survey 2,750 senior finance executives across key markets in North America, Europe, and Asia to find out what is plaguing leaders, keeping them up at night, and get their thoughts on overcoming these challenges.

"At Medius, we believe that managing AP and finance should be about strategy, not stress. By listening to these challenges and needs of finance professionals, we can provide the right tools to not only make businesses better, but make peoples’ lives better. We need to address these challenges head-on, and automation can help. Implemented correctly, automation can identify fraud, speed up payments, reduce mundane tasks and increase transparency across the business."

-Jim Lucier, CEO, Medius

The 2022 Financial Professional Census report examines the key challenges and stats from finance teams, which include:

  • Rising fraud, its costs to businesses and ownership responsibilities
  • Late supplier payments, process challenges, and impact on month and quarter-end
  • Strained relationships with procurement
  • Retention of talent and common complaints

Get the report to dive into:

  • Challenges, research statistics and more
  • Key takeaways from finance professionals
  • The benefits of AP automation and how it can address these challenges
  • A typical AP automation implementation process
  • And, more.

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