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Quick Guide: Automated Invoice Processing for Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite guideIf your organization is still processing invoices manually, this quick guide is for you. Does this sound familiar? Your Accounts Payable team is spending hours chasing down invoice approvals, hand keying or scanning invoices only to go over every line item with a fine tooth comb to catch scanning errors or mistyped values. Your month- and year-end process is beyond arduous, and staff is forced to work multiple days, burning the midnight oil just to make it through endless piles of pdfs and paper. Tracking invoice data and payment details is like winding through a maze of dead-ends and dark tunnels. This isn't fun anymore - there has to be (and there is) a better way to approve invoice processing for NetSuite users.

In this handy guide, we’ll walk through 15 steps on how to automate invoice and payment processing with NetSuite to achieve your payables digital transformation.

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