Medius Sourcing Product Guide

Sourcing and negotiating with suppliers for goods and services is a difficult process for any organization, especially those with large and complex supply chains. Without the rights tools such as Medius Sourcing to automate sourcing processes, from scoring suppliers to running quick auctions, it’s a challenge for any organization.

Medius Sourcing makes sourcing easy and simple. It’s a highly intuitive platform with both online tendering and auction capabilities, with the ability to award tenders right through to contract stage. Using Medius Sourcing buyers can also run comprehensive surveys to capture internal and external feedback.

Benefit at a glance:

  • Access a range of Public Notice templates or create new tender forms with automatic publishing to TED and Contracts Finder
  • Build and run simple to complex tenders using pre-populated templates, with automatic weighting and scores applied based on supplier responses
  • Invite registered and non-registered suppliers to participate in ‘Quick Quotes’ or ‘Spot Buys’
  • Build and share surveys with internal buyers and suppliers, and capture any feedback in a single location
  • View high level summaries of sourcing events, savings made and supplier responses
  • Run auctions such as Reverse, Forward Dutch, Japanese and English

Download our product paper to find out how Medius can help you.

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