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Access tailored and current assessments of provider capabilities using SolutionMap. Providers are ranked via equal parts customer and analyst input. Placement on the map reflects different organizational needs through ‘market personas’. Our continued investment in AP Automation capabilities such as machine learning and our strong “any to any” ERP integration capabilities allow us to deliver time to value solutions.


Medius, a top tier AP Automation solution

Analysts and customers give our AP Automation solution top marks in:

Invoicing creation/capturing/submission/compliance

Medius can handle complex matching scenarios with its waterflow matching model. In this model, multiple matching techniques are applied in sequence according to priority defined on a supplier level before involving a human. This technique is useful for complex environments where data quality is poor.

Payments processing

Medius Pay integrates with multiple payment providers to deliver complete control of the payments process for both domestic and cross-border suppliers globally.

Financial accounting, services & contract invoicing

Medius' roadmap is focused on processing e-invoices in the same easy way as if they were a PDF, extracting data from PO invoices with complex line level structures and executing payments in daily batches to optimize cash position.

Architecture, security & integration

Medius has strong integration capabilities through its fully developed Cloud-based integration gateway, Medius Connect, that has “any to any” connections with numerous finance and ERP systems and 3rd party data providers.


Medius continues to invest in its AP Automation capabilities, adding ML capabilities to increase process accuracy and confidence.

Customers and analysts love Medius solutions

Value Leader, AP Automation/Invoice-to-Pay Icon
Value Leader, AP Automation/Invoice-to-Pay

For SME, MID, and Large-sized Personas

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Value Leader, Procure-to-Pay (P2P)

For SME, MID, and Large-sized Personas

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Value Leader, E-Procurement

For SME, MID, and Large-sized Personas

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