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A compliance solution for e-Invoices.

Today more and more companies need an Accounts Payable solution that processes all types of invoices: paper, PDF, EDI, and e-Invoices. Compliance and new regulations for e-Invoicing are top of mind since the percentage of e-Invoices being sent, and the number of countries implementing mandates is growing fast, with new mandates coming in 2024.

The Medius AP Automation solution works with all invoices, including e-Invoices, and teams up with worldwide service providers like Pagero to create a single point of entry for all incoming invoices.

Medius will help you stay in compliance with new e-Invoice regulations, and manage your AP with calm and confidence. Find out how by exploring below.

How does e-Invoicing work?

Directly send the e-Invoice into the buyer’s AP system with commonly used formats such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or XML. Send via a dedicated portal where suppliers can key in or upload invoice data directly.

Medius Capture, a patent-pending solution, intelligently captures data from invoices regardless of the format helping you create consistency across all electronic formats including PDF, XML and many more. The Medius Supplier Portal allows suppliers to upload invoices, or flip them from purchase orders.

Infographic showing how Medius and Pagero work together

How does e-Invoicing make your life easier?

Combining Medius with the Pagero network, a smart business network with global reach,  we ensure interoperability and local compliance across the world.

Single solution to process all invoice types

Process invoices in any format, including Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or XML, in one user interface. Send via a dedicated portal where suppliers can key in or upload invoice data directly.

Saves time and money with touchless invoicing

Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Medius has developed an e-Invoicing solution that captures and converts data dynamically, dramatically reducing processing time. The touchless capture rate for PO invoices for Medius is 94.6%.

Reduces compliance risks

Medius connects with your service provider and helps fulfill local e-Invoice and tax regulations worldwide.

Get up and running quickly

Medius and Pagero give you access to an e-Invoicing solution that is open, global, compliant, and flexible. And, our solution is easy to deploy, ensuring quick time to value and rapid ROI.

Want more detail about how Medius and Pagero work together to support new e-Invoice regulations?

Medius e-Invoicing capabilities

Compliance webinar with Pagero and Medius

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