Benefits of optimising your full Procure to Pay process


Take your P2P to the next level

Traditional Accounts Payable optimisation can only take you so far.
In this webinar, we will talk about how you by optimising the full P2P process can support your organisation to achieve cost savings, improve efficiency, and reduce risk, while also enhancing their supplier relationships and compliance with regulations.

What do you need to consider to leverage the benefits of automation in the P2P process?

Duration: 20 minutes

Topics in this session

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Topics this session will cover:

  • In what areas can you improve beyond the traditional AP optimisation?
  • Where in the full process can you save costs?
  • How is efficiency impacted in different parts of the process?
  • Why is compliance increasingly important?


Fredrik Sjörén

Fredrik brings 17+ years of experience as advisor, consultant and delivery lead within the Procure-2-Pay market. With a high focus on results and to exceed targets he is driven and focused on efficiencies in Business Development.
At Medius Fredrik has used his background to generate more value to customers.

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