Increase control within your Accounts Payable process


Learn what you can do to prevent payment fraud

Account Payables fraud can have severe consequences for organizations, including financial losses, damage to reputation, and legal and regulatory penalties. Organizations should implement strong internal controls to prevent AP fraud, such as segregation of duties, regular audits, and employee training on fraud detection and prevention.

At this webinar, we will look at a few examples, potential financial impacts based on benchmarks, and how you can overcome these threats by leveraging Anomaly Detection in your payment process.

Duration: 20 minutes

Topics in this session

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Topics we will touch on during this session:

  • Examples of fraud
  • Benchmarks
  • How to leverage Anomaly Detection
  • Internal controls


Fredrik Rydqvist

Strategic sales executive at Medius

Fredrik is a Source-to-Pay advisor at Medius with experience from the payments and cash management software industry. Having joined Medius in 2021 with a focus on Medius Pay, Fredrik has encountered many stories about fraud and heard first-hand accounts of the potential ramifications fraud and errors can have for businesses.

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