Your spend simply managed, regardless of sector

Aerospace and Defence

Medius offers secure, cloud-based, spend management solutions to the biggest names in aerospace and defence. Our products have industry-leading features such as multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and much more.

Business Services

Medius’ spend management suite provides integrated eProcurement and finance solutions for every step of the source-to-pay cycle. 100% cloud-based, it gives business services firms a flexible set of tools to support digital transformation. Whatever areas of spend management you want to focus on first, we'll streamline processes and drive down costs.

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Cost savings are important in any sector, but for charities, they’re crucial. Donors demand to see quantifiable impact, quickly. Our state-of-the-art spend management suite will help you gain control of your costs throughout your sourcing cycle. Then, when it’s time to pay suppliers ensure they’re paid on time, every time.

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With a series of practical and easy-to-implement tools, our eProcurement and finance solutions streamline complex construction industry processes, cut costs, and help keep your projects on track. From guaranteeing contractor compliance to making ensuring the right materials arrive on site - you’re covered.

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Graduate from paper-based procurement and finance and work with first-class spend management solutions that'll stretch your budgets even further. Medius will help you consolidate your finance and procurement functions into one cloud-based system, to help you embrace total visibility and control of spend.

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Financial services

Businesses operating in financial services expect speed, transparency, and a data-driven approach to spend management. Our solution meets all these requirements, giving you the means to make significant cost-savings, and gain visibility and control of spend.

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Food & Drink

In the fast-paced world of food and drink production, Medius’ solutions gives your team the tools they need to deliver effective finance and procurement control. Our spend management suite helps you order the right ingredients, at the right price and ensure you’re always paying your suppliers on time.

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Treat bad cost control and spend visibility like a disease and administer Medius Spend Management as the perfect panacea. Our solution suite - which may taken individually or as an entire end-to-end solution - will help you save money, time and improves compliance across your entire organisation.

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Serve up all the ingredients for spend management success, with Medius' finance and procurement solutions. From sourcing the right suppliers to paying invoices quickly and efficiently, our software helps any hospitality and catering operation seeking to cut costs and improve margins quickly. 

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Our eProcurement and finance tools help your manufacturing business take control of entire source-to-pay cycle. It’s easy-to-use, quick to implement and will help you improve overall efficiencies, boost supplier compliance and control your costs.

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Public Sector

For every public sector organisation, financial pressure is a constant challenge. Whether you need to cut costs, gain control of spend or make buying more efficient, Medius Spend Management will take care of it all.

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As margins tighten, Medius’ spend management suite opens up new opportunities for retailers to cut costs and boost efficiency. Covering the entire source to pay cycle, our solutions streamline spending from sourcing right through to payment.

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Transport and Logistics

Medius’ spend management suite automates the full source-to-pay cycle. 100% cloud-based, the suite is an integrated series of eProcurement and finance solutions that handles complex transport and logistics scenarios easily. If you’re keen to streamline processes and drive down costs, we're here to help.

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Why customers love Medius

We always demand your satisfaction Icon
We always demand your satisfaction

It isn’t enough for us to just ‘go the extra mile’. We’re obsessed with giving you the very best service and prioritising your needs, always

Your feedback shapes our products Icon
Your feedback shapes our products

Medius' solution suite is shaped by you and your needs. Our customer success team works tirelessly to get your feedback built into our product roadmap

Useful resources outside of our services Icon
Useful resources outside of our services

When you join Medius it’s not just about our solutions. We provide top educational webinars, our excellence programme, and much more

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Nathalie Andren

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