Full cloud solution Icon
Full cloud solution

Built for the cloud, delivered as a cloud integration service: regular updates, low resource requirement

Fast, simple deployment Icon
Fast, simple deployment

Remote set-up by team experienced with Infor M3 and an intuitive user interface makes deployment straightforward

Instant automations Icon
Instant automations

Established process templates and cloud connectivity give you ready-made best-practice workflows for every source-to-pay area

Minimize impact on your Infor M3 system

Delivered as cloud services, the Medius suite and Medius Connect leave a minimal footprint in your M3 system. Integration code doesn’t affect standard M3 code; new Medius features and functions arrive automatically without ERP dependency, and Infor M3 upgrades go ahead without hassle. The Medius Connect integration is provided in partnership with Columbus A/S.

Manage integrations through a user-friendly browser interface

Medius Connect’s graphical browser interface makes routine integration tasks quick and easy. Stop and start integration flows for M3 maintenance with a simple on/off toggle; follow the step-by-step wizard for processes such as onboarding new companies, transferring master data, and starting new flows. Dashboard widgets show any performance issues in real-time.

Unlock richer functionality from your M3 system

The Medius suite and M3 are perfect partners. With Medius Connect sharing data between Medius tolls and M3 across your organization, you leverage Infor M3 capabilities and boost business outcomes. Whichever Medius solutions you choose, you’ll see joined-up workflows, greater control and productivity, and deeper insights.

Use with multi-system environments

Medius Connect is as happy with multi-system environments as it is with M3 alone. You can be confident data will always be where you need it, when you need it. A common user experience keeps things simple no matter how many back-end systems you run, and the dashboard gives you instant access to every individual interface.

Secure, tried and tested Image

Secure, tried and tested

We’ve been adapting and improving Medius spend management tools since 2001. From high street banks to aerospace and defense, over 3,500 customers rely on us to keep critical operations running and data secure.

Secure, tried and tested Image