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Complete cloud solution

Created for the cloud, delivered through the cloud: automated product upgrades, low IT team input.

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Fast deployment

Remote set-up by Medius experts with extensive Iptor experience gets you up and running fast.

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Comprehensive automation capabilities

Iptor and Medius synchronization delivers instant best-practice workflows for every source-to-pay area.

Minimise Iptor system impact

Running as cloud services, Medius solutions leave only the lightest footprint on your Iptor system. New features and functions are available automatically with no ERP dependency; Iptor upgrades see only a low impact from Medius operations.

Run routine integration tasks direct from a browser

Routine integration activities are quick and straightforward, thanks to the graphical Medius Connect browser interface. Simply toggle data flows on and off when you need to pause integrations for Iptor maintenance, for example. And to onboard new companies, transfer master data and start posting flows, just follow the wizard. Dashboard widgets give real time visibility of any connectivity issues.

Drive more ROI from your Iptor system

The Medius and Iptor partnership leverages Iptor capabilities to deliver better business outcomes across the organization. Whatever gaps in spend management functionality you’re looking to fill, you’ll create new joined up workflows, increase control, and boost productivity.

Use with multiple systems

Medius Connect integrates with all major ERP platforms, finance systems and more. No matter how many different systems you run, data will be where you need it, when you need it. The Connect dashboard give instant access to each individual interface, so you can manage integrations across the organization with ease.

Secure, trusted and proven Image

Secure, trusted and proven

We’ve been developing and enhancing Medius tools since 2001, building in feedback from customers at every step. Today, over 3,500 customers trust us to keep spend management activities running smoothly - including high street banks and aerospace and defence sector businesses with the most rigorous security requirements

Secure, trusted and proven Image