K-Bygg cuts time in invoice processing with automated data capture

K-Bygg is a construction wholesale company with 50 stores across Sweden and an e-commerce site for professional buyers and consumers. Receiving e-invoices helped streamline the invoice management process, but K-Bygg needed a better way to correctly capture data. Learn how Medius Capture helps ensure that the right data appears in the right fields, saving time in the overall process.

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Successful automation of the invoice flow

Background on K-Bygg and their set-up

Benefits of Medius AP Automation

  • Able to verify e-invoices have been captured correctly
  • Eliminated unnecessary, time-consuming, manual work for accounts payable staff
  • Using intelligent AI technology to improve the quality and level of data extraction

Who is K-Bygg?

K-Bygg is part of Kesko, one of Europe’s largest trading groups that employs approximately 45,000 people in 1800 locations in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

What was the challenge?

Receiving e-invoices can streamline the invoice management process but previously, any data entered into the wrong field caused time-consuming manual work for accounts payable staff.

How did we help?

K-Bygg verifies only two invoices and can then turn on automatic capture in Medius Capture. The solution continues to get better and smarter as more invoices are processed.

“Thanks to Medius Capture, we can verify that the e-invoices have been captured correctly and easily correct any information that does not appear in the correct fields. This saves us a lot of time later in the process.”

Sandra Silvander

Accounts Payable, K-Bygg

Positioned for Success

  • Better data capture management
  • Significant time savings across the company with digitized workflows
  • Receiving ongoing improvement program for increased automation with dedicated Elevate experts

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