Medius AP Automation helps boost performance for Universal Robots

Universal Robots is a leading provider of collaborative robots (cobots) used across a wide range of industries.  A lack of automation often resulted in late or lost vendor payments. Find out how Universal Robots addressed these challenges and made significant improvements with Medius.

Universal Robots case study cover

AP Automation success story

Background on Universal Robots and their set-up

Benefits of Medius AP Automation

  • Faster, more accurate approvals
  • Better visibility to quickly pinpoint the location and source of the problem
  • Improved cash flow management

Who is Universal Robots?

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Odense, Denmark, Universal aims to create a world where people work with robots in education and various industries. Its mission is automation for anyone, anywhere.

What was the challenge?

Invoices were being routed by hand and email, often multiple times before an approval was received. Matching PO’s to receipts was difficult and vendor payments were being delayed.

How did we help?

Automation workflows improved overall speed and efficiency. An approval hierarchy routes invoices logically so staff can track and resolve issues. Postage and printing costs were reduced and early payment discounts achieved.

“Support personal have been great all along the way. They continuously make improvements and try to upgrade the system every day.”

Claus Nyring Pederson

Now positioned for success

  • Vendor relations are improved
  • Staff has 24/7 access to invoices
  • Auto alerts prevent approvals from being lost or forgotten

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