Medius spend management for eProcurement

Covering every stage in the source to pay cycle, Medius’ automated solutions unlock the potential of procurement. With Medius tools in place, you can demonstrate a clear contribution to the bottom line and at the same time deliver improved processes and greater compliance.

Best practice made simple Icon
Best practice made simple

Easy-to-use procurement accounts payable and reporting processes create rigour and standardisation at every step.

Organisation-wide compliance Icon
Organisation-wide compliance

Simplicity and effectiveness win over both department heads and operational staff, so behaviour change is fast and sustained.

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Maximum spend under management

Centralised and integrated sourcing and ordering processes ensure purchases go through approved suppliers at agreed prices.

Go paperless, cut costs, and improve effectiveness Image

Go paperless, cut costs, and improve effectiveness

Medius cloud-based solutions replace paper with slick and efficient digital processes. Tasks are completed faster with fewer mistakes, saving time and money across the complete source to pay cycle. No dithering, no delays.  Your staff can best utilise their skills, and compliance improves across the organisation.

Go paperless, cut costs, and improve effectiveness Image
Get complete control over all buying activities Image

Get complete control over all buying activities

From raising a PO through to matching invoices for payment, Medius Procurement and Medius Accounts Payable Automation make sure every purchase is compliant. Orders go via your chosen suppliers, with controls and process enforced at every stage. See the savings and benefits you negotiate materialise as people order from contracted suppliers at agreed rates, every time.

Get complete control over all buying activities Image
Negotiate better deals; minimise risk Image

Negotiate better deals; minimise risk

Medius Sourcing makes it simple to run eSourcing events and evaluate vendors against cost, CSR criteria, and risk metrics. With full information at your fingertips, you can agree deals that match organisational values while minimising supply chain risks. Rich system data boosts your negotiating power. Supplier self-serve in Medius Supplier Information Management then removes on-boarding hassles, with automated alerts to reduce risk.

Negotiate better deals; minimise risk Image
Keep track of what’s been agreed and build strategic partnerships Image

Keep track of what’s been agreed and build strategic partnerships

With Medius Contract Management, you get centralised paperless storage for all contract details and related activity. This makes it easy for teams to check and track what’s been agreed, so you can be sure the value of hard-won deals is being realised. For effortless performance monitoring and more, there’s Medius Supplier Relationship Management. Free your procurement professionals to focus on strategic relationship building activities.

Keep track of what’s been agreed and build strategic partnerships Image
Enjoy stress-free reporting and total visibility Image

Enjoy stress-free reporting and total visibility

Powerful analytics, customisable dashboards and dynamic KPIs give you an unparalleled view of all aspects of spend, supplier performance and process compliance. Take prompt action as needed; share data and insights that strengthen the role of procurement in organisational strategy. Banish the tedious task of preparing figures for regular financial reporting - simply let finance teams access the system directly and pull out what they need.

Enjoy stress-free reporting and total visibility Image

What makes Medius the best solution for procurement professionals?

Smooth user experience, maximum returns Icon
Smooth user experience, maximum returns

The intuitive interface drives high rates of adoption, so you see fast change and maximum returns.

Comprehensive yet scalable solutions Icon
Comprehensive yet scalable solutions

Implement solutions gradually; scale up to a fully comprehensive system as you see success.

Proven by your peers Icon
Proven by your peers

Our tools are in use by hundreds of thousands of users from top buying teams globally.

Next steps

See our products

Discover our full product range, with modules covering the full source to pay cycle.

Get the right suppliers for the right price

Find the right suppliers and run comprehensive sourcing events with maximum visibility into the entire identification and negotiation process with our simple-to-use software.

Visibility and control of all your supplier agreements

Rescue your procurement team from paper-based purgatory with Medius Contract Management. You’ll have complete control over all your supplier agreements in one simple to use system - ensuring you never miss a renewal.

Meaningful supplier relationships mean better buying outcomes

Medius Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) helps you prioritise important relationships, so you can drive better value from your supply chain.

Suppliers are a key stakeholder and must be treated as such

Make your suppliers work for you by using Medius Supplier Information Management. Get them to self-serve and maintain their own details, in your cloud-based repository, saving you precious time and cash.

Gain control of your entire organisation’s spend

Empower your procurement team with the tools they need to eliminate maverick spend. Give your buyers the means to intimately understand suppliers, automate tedious tasks, set up approval chains, and much more. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not, it’s Medius Procurement.

Streamline accounts payable and boost cash flow visibility

Simplify and automate your entire AP process by removing paper and manual invoice keying, matching, and processing. You’ll always have full visibility of invoices, spend and cash flow to ensure you can close the books on time, every time.

Pay suppliers smarter, save time and money

Remove complexity, reduce fraud and save money by improving the payments process in your organisation. Medius Pay, overhauls the way you pay your suppliers, removing manual processes such as processing cheques, and promotes automated working instead.

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