Why Medius Supplier Management?

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Save time

Reduce the time and effort it takes managing suppliers and entering their data with SRM software. Let your suppliers upload and maintain their information in our self-service tool, so you will have time to focus on your core tasks.

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Reduce risk

Our vendor management system captures key details and regulatory requirements, ensuring your master data remains accurate and compliant.

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Improve supplier visibility

Our integrated supplier portal provides complete visibility to all spend transactions for your supplier, as well as providing an easy way for them to manage their information.

Take control of spend and eliminate risk with Medius Supplier Management 

Common challenges you face 

In the past year:
56% of CPOs said that key suppliers have gone bankrupt or are severely hampered* 
41% of CPOs said they had to expedite shipping to keep critical supply lines flowing*  
36% of CPOs said that suppliers are failing to meet new requirements* 


Risk of not having a solution in place 

Missing or unknown status of required credentials for your suppliers 
Suppliers who are non-compliant or high-risk fall through the cracks  
Inability to identify impending risks and areas for improvement 
Too much time spent on non-value adding tasks 

Rewards of Medius Supplier Management 

Supplier self-service onboarding with minimized data entry
Minimize risk by having suppliers enter their accreditations, certifications,
and other necessary information
Experience the time savings and benefits right away –
it’s easy to get started with quick user adoption 

*Source: Deloitte: 2021 Global Chief Procurement Officer Survey 

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About Medius Supplier Management

Medius Supplier Management is a centralized hub containing all your suppliers’ details. It’s designed for your suppliers to self-serve, taking the onus off you to update crucial supplier information, minimizing the scope for errors.

It also contains tools to help you store and validate supplier credentials during onboarding. For instance, deep integration with Dun & Bradstreet helps you understand and evaluate risk. You can rapidly build surveys and scorecards to measure supplier performance against key metrics based on your internal feedback as well as the supplier’s input.

All this is cloud-based, ensuring you can access the data anywhere, anytime, reducing the risk of data loss.

About Medius Supplier Management  Image
Improved supplier data without the hard work Image

Improved supplier data without the hard work

Our supplier management system helps you accelerate onboarding, minimize manual data entry, simplify supplier comparisons, and streamline supplier communications to make your vendor management process more manageable.

What’s more, Medius Supplier Management is a platform that allows suppliers to onboard themselves, increasing the accuracy of vendor data.

Reduce risk with a clear picture of who your suppliers are

Improved supplier data without the hard work

Easily streamline the process of managing your suppliers, from initial setup through ongoing management, providing them complete visibility to their work with you, so you can remove resource-heavy manual tasks. Allow suppliers to upload their information in our self-service portal to capture key vendor details, including regulatory requirements and certifications, with robust questionnaires. Medius ensures your master data remains accurate and compliant at any time. 

Easy to get started and easy to use

Medius Supplier Management can be deployed in combination with other modules in the Medius Spend Management suite or as a standalone solution to solely manage your supply base. Our software is intuitive, easy-to-use and will be adopted by your procurement team and suppliers in no time at all.  

Less inquiries and a smoother invoice process with our supplier portal

With our secure, cloud-based portal you can give your suppliers complete access to view purchase orders, send invoices, and check the status of transactions including payments. With this information at their fingertips, you don’t have to spend time answering questions about the status of POs, invoices, and payments. 

When suppliers submit invoices directly through the portal these can be processed right away without any manual work. You can even let suppliers flip a purchase order into an invoice, allowing for automatic matching to ensure the invoice gets processed and paid in the shortest possible time. 

Download our brochures to find out more

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Download our brochures to find out more

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Supplier Management FAQs

What is supplier management software?  

Supplier Management software integrates with your payables and procurement processes, providing an end-to-end solution that lets you manage supplier information, lifecycle, performance, and risk all in one place. It entails elements that make both supplier information management and supplier relationship management more seamlessly accessible and less prone to errors.  

How does supplier management software work?   

Supplier management eliminates the need for the costly and time-consuming process of managing suppliers' information. It is vendor management software that puts the onus of the supplier to onboard and maintain their details in a secure, self-service online portal.  

Supplier Management captures key vendor details based on vendor type, including thorough questionnaires and detailing regulatory requirements. This will ensure that your master supplier data will remain both compliant and accurate, protecting you from the risks of working with non-compliant suppliers.

What are the main functions of supplier management software?   

With Supplier Management software, you will have all your suppliers in one location, visible to you ensuring who you are working with meets your stringent requirements. The main functions are:  

  • Up and running in weeks, not months  
  • Supplier self-service removes the effort & cost from the buying organization  
  • No integration with your ERP needed 
  • Reduces risk of trading with suppliers that do not pass due diligence process  
  • Eliminate the need for paper-based supplier management system  
  • Standard integration with third-party suppliers