Decrease risk and improve efficiency with a complete supplier management solution

Easily manage supplier information and relationships with Medius Supplier Management software, our unified solution that provides a clear view of your supply chain.

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Our supplier management system helps you accelerate onboarding, minimize manual data entry, simplify supplier comparisons, and streamline supplier communications to make your vendor management process more manageable.

What’s more, Medius Supplier Information Management is a platform that allows suppliers to onboard themselves, increasing the accuracy of vendor data.

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About Medius Supplier Information Management (SIM)

Medius Supplier Information Management is a centralized hub containing all your suppliers’ details. It’s designed for your suppliers to self-serve, taking the onus off you to update crucial supplier information, minimizing the scope for errors.

SIM also contains tools to help you store and validate supplier credentials during onboarding. For instance, deep integration with Dun & Bradstreet helps you understand and evaluate risk.

All this is cloud-based, ensuring you can access the data anywhere, anytime, reducing the risk of data loss.

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About Medius Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Image

About Medius Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Scrutinize the relationship between you and your supplier by using Medius Supplier Relationship Management. Track supplier communications and compare existing suppliers for better buying insights. You’ll be able to prioritize the right supplier relationships with meaningful insights and simplified communication.

SRM also lets you set your own metrics to benchmark suppliers. This includes metrics such as cadence of communications, delivery times, payment time, and much more.

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Medius Supplier Management software features

Supplier information dashboard

Our centralized dashboard helps you keep up-to-date with your supplier information in one centralized and easy-to-use screen.

Self-service onboarding

Accelerate your supplier onboarding process with a self-service solution designed to reduce data-entry errors. 

Best in class third-party integrations

Medius’ cloud-based technology ensures round-the-clock access to your sourcing and contract management tools, empowering your workforce to work remotely.

Our software supports several languages, too, so staff can work with whatever language suits them best.

Built-in supplier performance reporting

Define KPIs and metrics to evaluate your supplier base quickly and then compare vendor performance.

Simplified supplier communication lines

Organize meetings, keep up to date with communications, and set automatic alerts for a simpler way to stay in touch.

Benefits of integrated supplier management software

Reduced supplier risk Icon
Reduced supplier risk

You’ll reduce risk by setting up a system that helps you to verify supplier credentials.

More free time Icon
More free time

Save precious time with a system that automatically records all supplier communications and metrics, helping you make quick decisions without rummaging through paperwork.

Better supplier relationships Icon
Better supplier relationships

Simple supplier benchmarking and segmentation tools help you to identify and nurture priority relationships

What is supplier management software?

Supplier Management software integrates with your procurement processes, providing an end-to-end solution that lets you manage supplier information, lifecycle, performance, and risk all in one place. It entails elements that make both supplier information management and supplier relationship management more seamlessly accessible and less prone to errors.

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