Medius fashions an effective Payments solution for Acne Studios

Acne Studios is a megabrand with over 60 stores and a robust e-commerce business. Receiving more than 40,000 invoices a year created challenges in the last mile of payment. Learn how Medius created a system to process vendor payments across multiple currencies and countries.

Medius Pay success story

Background on Acne Studios

Benefits of Medius Pay

  • Fraud detection protects against security risks
  • Higher efficiency saves 30+ hours/week in labor
  • Better visibility avoids overpayments

Who is Acne Studios?

Acne Studios is a ready-to-wear fashion brand known for trend-setting styles for men and women around the world.

What was the challenge?

With 17 entities across multiple countries, payments were processed through various banks and currencies. The system was complex and difficult, offering little visibility.

How did we help?

A unified payment infrastructure transformed Acne’s complex system into a simpler process that eliminated manual payments and offered greater visibility for tracking.

Now positioned for future success

Over the past 20 years Acne Studios has grown from being a “Creative Collective” started by friends, to an international brand in ready-to-wear fashion. After successfully implementing Medius AP Automation, management recognized that an integrated payments solution would greatly improve efficiency.

Learn how Medius Pay created an effective solution allowing Acne Studios to process more than 40,000 invoices per year across multiple banks, countries and currencies.

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