Connor Sport Court hits a home run with Medius Pay

Connor Sport Court provides surfaces for virtually every type of athletic park, school, or multi-use facility. While Connor had an automated AP system, the final step was still manual. Learn how Medius Pay created a faster, more efficient payment process for Connor.

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Medius Pay success story

Background on Connor Sports and their set-up

  • Website: Connor Sports
  • Industry: Sports/Recreation
  • Location: USA
  • Solution: Medius Pay
Benefits of Medius Pay
  • Virtual Card program generates dividends
  • Full visibility to track when payments were or will be made
  • Significant savings in time and labor

Who is Connor Sport Court?

Connor is a leader in sport surfacing for parks, schools and arenas, with 250 employees, two U.S. factories, and sales in over 75 countries.

What was the challenge?

Processing over 100 payments per week manually — writing checks, stamping envelopes and mailing payments — was extremely time consuming and inefficient.

How did we help?

Staff can work remotely making faster payments with better visibility. Plus, the virtual card program generates 5-figure dividends.

"After I make a payment, I download the file and can say, ‘this is when it went out, this is when to expect it.’ All the information we need is right there in front of us."

Steve Morrison

Positioned for success

  • Staff can work remotely
  • Better security against fraud
  • Manual tasks are eliminated

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