Medius builds effective payments solution for PENTA Building Group

PENTA Building Group is one of the premier commercial builders in the southwest United States, delivering quality service from planning to completion for the hospitality, health care and education industries.

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AP Automation success story

Background on PENTA Building Group

Benefits of Medius AP Automation

  • Improved productivity without adding headcount
  • Received additional revenue from credit card payment dividends
  • Gained visibility into unsettled vendors, eliminating need for manual follow up

Who is PENTA Building Group?

Nationally recognized commercial general contractor with 250 salaried employees and prestigious customers including Caesars Palace Las Vegas.

What was the challenge?

Manual system lacked visibility and delayed vendor payments creating additional work for staff and missed opportunities for early payment discounts. 

How did we help?

With better visibility, staff is more efficient. PENTA earns early payment discounts and eliminates late fees. V-card creates revenue by delivering dividends from credit card payments back to PENTA.

"We’re pleased that Accounts Payables – whose function is disbursement of funds – can take an active role in generating revenue."

Daryll Franco
Events Coordinator

Positioned for Success

In just a little more than 20 years PENTA Building Group has grown to become one of the premier commercial builders in the southwest United States. Recognizing that strong vendor relationships would be vital for continued success, PENTA selected Medius Pay for its last mile of spend management.

Discover how Medius Pay not only helps PENTA processes payments more efficiently, but also reduces risk of fraud and overpayment, helps manage cashflow, and delivers dividends from credit card payments.

  • Staff has better visibility to identify discrepancies.
  • Risk of fraud and overpayment is eliminated.
  • Cash flow management is improved.

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