Medius Pay improves Restaurant 365’s process for vendor payments

Restaurant 365 is an accounting, inventory, and HR platform specifically for restaurants. With hundreds of suppliers, the company struggled to maintain timely payments and healthy vendor relationships. Learn how Medius Pay helped Restaurant 365 manage payments in a single, automated process and strengthen supplier relationships.

Medius Pay success story

Background on Restaurant 365

Benefits of Medius Pay

  • Virtual Card payment creates a revenue stream of dividends   
  • Customized Billing and Reconciliation Reports are easily accessible
  • Dedicated onboarding and support provided 2-week implementation

Who is Restaurant 365?

A software platform that simplifies day-to-day management for more than 2800 restaurant operators, allowing them to control food costs and optimize labor.

What was the challenge?

Traditional payment methods were slow and lacked visibility. Restaurant 365 needed a better way to manage supplier payments and eliminate manual processing.

How did we help?

Medius Pay manages all supplier payments in one automated process and actually creates revenue with dividends from supplier credit card payments.

Medius Pay helps Restaurant 365 serve automated payments to its customers

Restaurant 365 is the leading all-in-one accounting, inventory, scheduling, payroll, and HR solution specifically for restaurants.

Learn how Medius Pay helps Restaurant 365 deliver time and expense savings to its customers while making their jobs easier.

Positioned for success:

-Payment automation is now part of Restaurant 365 suite

-Delivering time and expense savings to customers

-Maintaining proper control for audits and maximizing operational efficiency

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