AP life hacks to help you work smarter.

Reduce the month-end hassle

Why does month-end close have to be so hard? Not to mention when it really piles on at quarter and year-end. There is so much to be done to ensure your financials are up-to-date and accurately reflected in reports to both internal and external stakeholders.

To help ease you through month-end closing, Magnus von Garaguly, Head of Finance and Accounting here at Medius, will highlight three features that will reduce the time you spend on manual tasks and make sure you close each month accurately and on time. Listen and then check out the links below for three AP Life Hacks. Everything can be configured on your own, so why not dive in and enter the journey to a stress-free month-end closing. 

3 features that can help you work smarter - today!


An easy way to communicate the status of invoices with your organization, sort your inbox, and create reports on invoice statuses.

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Open invoices by handler

See which invoices are still open, why they are still open and which invoice handlers need a “friendly” reminder to approve their invoices.

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Open amount by company and account

Ensure that accruals are booked accurately across the company group and cash flow forecasts are updated.

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